fushugikb (fushugikb) wrote,

new items for sale

can i be honest? it can be so tiring to put things up for sale sometimes. i really wish there was a fast way to streamline things where you say "this is for sale" and someone just buys it. no silly questions or excuses like "my pet died while i was on the way to type in paypal's address." just done and done...

anyways, here are a few items i'm going to be putting up for sale.

muchacha <--> achachumu box set- $50 + shipping and handling
kera february 2013- $13 + shipping and handling
gothic lolita bible vol. 46- $29 + shipping and handling
gothic lolita bible vol. 47- $27 + shipping and handling

the sales page for these items will be up within the next couple of days hopefully.
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